Margarine or Butter

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Not all margarines are made equally and they’re certainly not all made the same. I will take you through the listing of overall ingredients that will go into creating quality margarine. Choosing a quality made margarine is perfect for those who wish to live healthier. Most quality margarines and spreads contain more good fats than butter and there are even some varieties that may help you lower blood cholesterol (such as those that contain plant sterols). It’s always best to pick a soft margarine that’s in a tub that’s labelled one of the following:”vegetable oils based fat spreads”, or”margarine spreads” or”spreads.”

We believe margarine is the best thing since (and on!) sliced bread. But wait just a moment – what is margarine, exactly?

There are plenty of stories and myths spread around about margarine and they are mostly all out-dated rumours. I am here to tell you the margarine true facts and answer the big’what is margarine?’ Question, so you can make a balanced decision on what is best for the health and lifestyle of your family.

Originally developed as a substitute for butter, margarine is a spread which can be used in just about every recipe as a substitute for butter that’s lower in saturated fats. It is produced with a combination of different kinds of vegetable and plant oils from all around the world.

Soft spread margarines normally have fewer calories per serving than you’d normally see in solid fats, such as butter. You can even make your own margarine in your home with simple ingredients which you probably have in your kitchen already. So why not give it a go?

Okay, so what is margarine made of? Margarine is a healthy, tasty way of giving your body the good fats and oils that it needs, but cannot create on its own.

Changing to margarine from butter does not mean reducing the flavours in your cooking; in actuality, it could mean the exact opposite!

Making simple switches in your daily diet can make a massive difference – just swapping butter for margarine in regular recipes can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. With today’s extensive assortment of flavoursome margarines you won’t detect a change in the taste!

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