Most Expensive sandwiches

Sandwich Bread Cheese Camembert Brie Mango

From them came the first meat, sauce and salad inside a loaf of bread. The title came from John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich as it had been alleged that he was the inventor of it. It now spreads in the entire world with different names used instead like Hamburger, that’s the most famous among them. Best restaurants around the globe come up with crazy ideas every now and then might cost you plenty of money to attempt, and other might not but they’re still crazy. So skim this yummy essay and get your hands dirty.

10 Fried Brain

The brains of calves or pigs are fried and made out of different sort of sausages in the western countries. The amazing thing is that these sandwiches are very famous and loved by many folks.

9 Rubik’s Cubewich

After the model of the Rubik Cube, a block that came out in the 1980s in which you’re supposed to place the dice-like parts in order by lining the same colors side by side. This sandwich used meat and cheese cubes to simulate exactly the identical shape, how can we bite just escapes me!

8 Candiwich

May be you would think about buying such a weird sandwich when you are on a trip. A sandwich inside a can with various flavors like that of chicken and pizza in addition to other sweet alternatives, cut in the exact middle and preserved well. I really find it a fantastic idea, why not?

7 The Melo

The Sandwich is a massive mix of the bacon and salami and occasionally there’s pastrami as well. I don’t feel that such quantity of meat in one sandwich will keep anyone safe.

6 Tastykake Sandwich

The sandwich came as a combination of sweat and sour, but really taken to extremes. Granted that the cheese is salt or the chocolate is not sweet, I cannot figure how it would taste!

The size of the sandwich can definitely defeat the people who used to share food competitions. Made of bacon, cheese, chicken, hamburgers, pepperoni among other mad components; now you can see that it is not about size but the calories.

4 Double Down

Now, I want to try this one. KFC simply made the dream of several sandwich fans, they removed the bread part. With two pieces of fried chickens with beef or bacons inside along with different sausages, the taste definitely will be powerful.

3 Macdonald sandwich

One of the most expensive meals made by McDonalds is this one which may cost you up to 127 bucks.

2 Lasandwich

With just two bucks you will buy one of the craziest ideas of Lasagne. As confectioners, it was somewhat difficult for them to go in the world of sandwiches. They, thus, came together with the notion of berries and cream in a loaf of bread.

1 Luther Burger

Instead of bread, makers used doughnuts inside which slices of beef and egg together with sauce and onions are put. The sweetness of the doughnuts are extremely clear that sugary top could even be seen!

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